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We are Educhainment and our current project is AEDOU - a social & collaborative multiplayer game for learning & teaching languages together. Each of the languages has its own unique world, where only that language is used to interact with your avatar. AEDOU’s special focus is on the collaborative aspect - typically the players interact and communicate with each other and shape the progression of the virtual world together. All content is created and governed collectively by the community. Educhainment provides the tools and guidelines to create the game in a decentralized and inclusive way.

AEDOU aims to create innovative ways of learning, teaching, and sharing in the virtual space across cultural barriers while onboarding millions of new users. Our core values are: inclusiveness, cultural integrity and the distribution of power, ownership and value.

And that’s how you come into play: We assemble language teams of L1-speakers and advanced learners who are interested in contributing to the creation of the teaching concept and the teaching units in the form of levels and missions. More precisely, at the beginning we are looking for a representative for each language who will design and manage the teaching structure and content in close collaboration with us. In addition, the Language Ambassadors will act as mediators between the development team, i.e. us, and the other members of the language teams. At a later stage, the respective worlds are to be democratically administered by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Your participation would also be conceivable there.

Your tasks:

  • design language acquisition structure and create content for units, topics & level/quests/missions

  • gather and organize team of capable people for content creation

  • function as mediator between core team and language team

  • manage & translate content on our new Aedou website (tbd)

Job requirements:​

  • be a native speaker

  • have teaching experience w/ the language in question

  • 10h of work/week incl. a weekly meeting with coordinator

  • ability to work independently and self-reliant

  • communication language: English


  • being part of an exciting, innovative project

  • apply own knowledge and skills to new, novel field of work

  • freedom to incorporate personal ideas

  • 600$ monthly payment

More info about the project and also a game teaser can be found on our website and in our latest funding application here.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please fill out the scheme below and send it to


We'll get back to you very soon. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


All the best the Educhainment Team.

Application form

Obrigado por participar!

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